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Moving to Switzerland? Need Insurance?

Ritesh Sood

Get insured the correct and in the most effective way!

Insurances play a major role in Switzerland. Understanding them and finding the right one for you can be very challenging. At the end of this blog you will find out which insurances you need to cover at first as an expat here!

Within the first three months of registration in Switzerland you must be able to prove your health insurance. Health insurance again varies from location to location, age to age, doctor model, etc. You will need the confirmation of a health insurance for the administration office to register your residence.

Most probably you will be renting a place at the beginning. The majority of landlords ask for a private liability insurance in combination with a household insurance. This is an essential insurance as it covers damage to household effects cause by natural forces, burglary, robbery or fire. Another beneficial point of this insurance is that it accepts the financial obligations for damages to the third parties. Having this insurance is a big relief for the landlords and provides great security for you as a tenant.

With these three fundamental insurances you have fulfilled the mandatory part as an expat in Switzerland. Now we move forward to insurances that need to be covered according to your individual needs.

There is a high possibility to have your own vehicle in Switzerland. Therefore, I recommend to apply for a car insurance that suits the car in case of age, value and usage. Again, insurance varies on many factors but in my opinion a compulsory to have. Even if you are not driving a lot still having a liability insurance covers your high costs from the third car. Switzerland is an expensive country, hence I try my best to provide the most optimal and money saving insurances to my clients. I highly advise to have a suitable legal protection insurance, through which you can save many costs in an emergency.

In my six years of experience as an insurance broker I have come across many people who immigrated to Switzerland and get insured in haste anywhere (there are around 100 insurance companies) without thinking about their own needs accurately. Don’t be under this belief that insurances are general and can’t be adapted to your lifestyle.

I consult my clients according to their individuality, family situation, lifestyle and requirements. Contact me for your consultation now and get insured the correct and in the most effective way!

Ritesh Sood
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Ritesh Sood

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